Southern Oaks & Asaro 25th anniversary party

Studio Tran had the privilege to photograph the 25th Anniversary party for the Asaro’s and Southern Oaks Plantation . It was a beautiful event with Bella Blooms Floral and Southern Oaks Plantation providing all the decor. The TOPCATS provided the live entertainment and they sure had this party jumping!

We are very humbled that they asked us to shoot this event for them. We knew how important it was to the Asaro’s. They had their entire family out there and it was a special and fun evening for everyone. 25yrs of hard work is a true testament of their success! southern-oaks-plantation-new-orleans-louisiana

The Asaro family

Mr Bobby Asaro & Mrs Sue Asaro

The touching speech where Mr Bobby thanked everyone that was with him from the beginning. Especially his family, wife, daughters, Kyle, his staff and other friends who have supported Southern Oaks along the way.
My Boddy singing with The TOPCATS
Rob Schulte of The TOPCATSRob Schulte-The-Topcats-new-orleans-wedding-band