Sexy Business Cards

I know its silly to be excited over something like a business card, but thats just me! I like paper and pictures and the way things feel. And I love the way these feel and look. I wanted hot pink and sexy and I got them. I love the pink & pewter foils and the hot pink edge painting!

Funny story. I contacted several companies I found online about letterpress, the design & colors we wanted, sexy hot pink, black thick card stock and pink edge painting. I was told repeatedly that pink edge painting wouldnt work on black cards. That we’d have to use foils and it wouldnt look too good. So I did a google search for “letter press pink edge paint” and a business card made by Zida of Studio Z came up.

So I looked more into her company since apparently she didnt seem to have a problem with foils on black and pink edge painting. She is located in Fort Bragg CA, this little tiny town in Northern Ca and wouldnt you know it, I grew up there! That is where my mom lives. My mom and Zida actually have mutual friends. It was meant to be! I mean how random, no one ever knows where Fort Bragg is when I say I am from there. Then after Zida I talked I learned that she actually does quite a few projects for photographer.

So here are the amazing cards she did for us.

  • courtney said:

    these are just gorgeous!