Q&A with Borrowed & Blue!

Beebe and I are often asked how we started our business, why photography and what are tips are for the perfectly photographed day, so when Helen from Borrowed & Blue contacted me to do a little Q&A I was totally on board and excited to participate.  In case you didn’t know, Borrowed & Blue is a great online resource for brides.

“The wedding planning industry can be opaque sometimes, which is why it’s wonderful to get in touch with real live professionals who can explain more about their process and help you find the most wonderful vendors. Corine and Beebe’s business, Studio Tran, has been serving the New Orleans wedding community for years. Their wealth of photographic savvy, plus their knowledge of the area, make them a totally invaluable part of the wedding scene. I’m so glad they were able to answer my questions so that our readers who are planning a New Orleans wedding would have some awesome insight into the process!” – Helen, Borrowed & Blue’s New Orleans Market Specialist

How did you two find your way into the photography business?  What started as a little hobby really blossomed into a full time career for both Beebe and I.  Shortly after we were married we decided we wanted to photograph weddings.  I mean it sounds so cliché to write that we had our own wedding and decided to start our own business, it seems many vendors in the wedding industry started that way.  We both enjoyed taking pictures and already were photographing couples, families and children.  But we didn’t really fall in love with photography until we started photographing weddings.  We are with these families on one of the most important days of their lives, it is really special to be a part of that.  


Describe your photographic aesthetic in five words (or fewer!).  Romantic, airy and bright, because thats how Love is!

What is the first question you like to ask a couple when you meet with them?  About the proposal of course!  Whether this was a big surprise romantic dinner or a night at home with candles and quiet where the groom decided to pop the question, the brides face always lights up when telling this story.  You really get to see how much these two love each other.

What are some of your favorite areas to photograph in New Orleans? New Orleans is a photographers dream, there are so many colorful and gorgeous areas to photograph.  I mean we really do have it all, historical and colorful French Quarter, beautiful riverfront, magnificent hundred year old oak trees and moss, plantations, amazing architecture … this list goes on.

What is something you wish every couple knew before planning their wedding? Every couple should know that the wedding day may or may not go off without any problems.  Whatever happens will happen, but most importantly at the end of the day you will be married to the person you love.  Don’t get caught up in all the details, a wedding is not about flowers, mason jars or pretty table linens.  Yes, those things make the day look spectacular, but even more spectacular are the emotions between two people and two families.  Don’t hold back anything. If there was ever a day to just let go and be as happy as possible, it’s your wedding day. It might be cliché, but dance like no one is watching. Laugh and cry!  This all makes for really amazing pictures too!

Do you have a favorite aspect of your job? We both love the connection we have with our clients and the friendships we end up making.  So many of my closest friends are past clients.  We get to be part of more amazing moments with our clients, seeing their families grow.



If you had to choose, what is the best moment in a wedding day?  This is hard to narrow down but if we had to choose I would say when the groom sees his bride for the first time.  Whether this moment is taking place during a private and intimate first look or when the bride is walking down the aisle it is priceless. The culmination of the entire wedding process seems to be all about this moment, when the groom sees his bride, the woman he loves and is about to make his wife for the first time.




What are your top tips for people who just got engaged?   Plan on having a first look on the wedding day.  Seeing each other for the first time in private and being able to take a moment with each other is very romantic.  You’ll also be able to get many more creative pictures.  Consider the time of year, how the lighting is and more importantly how the weather is.  New Orleans gets very hot and humid during the summer. Hire a 2nd Line band, they are so much fun!

I’d love to pick your brain about where you live! Describe your dream day in New Orleans.  We love taking the kids and getting beignets at Café du monde for breakfast, grabbing lunch and margaritas at superior on St. Charles, watching the street cars pass and we end up at the Audubon Zoo where the kids run wild.

 Describe something that sets New Orleans apart from other places you’ve lived.  Everything sets New Orleans a part.  There are so many songs written about this magical place for a reason.  The culture, food, music, history and people set it all a part.  Like Louis Armstrong sang, Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans….

There you have it! Thanks to Helen for the questions, and we hope you’ll check out Borrowed & Blue—it’s a great place to find and book New Orleans wedding vendors!