Our Lady of Prompt Succor and Balcony Ballroom Metairie Wedding Photographer | Matthew + Melanie

  • Married:February 24, 2018
  • Reception:The Balcony Ballroom
  • Videography:Bella Productions
  • Florist:Giverny Design
  • Bakery:Gambino's
  • Hair:Lorna Boos
  • Makeup:Kristen Schaubhut
  • Bridal Boutique:Bridal Boutique by Mae Me
  • Tuxedos:John's Tuxedos
  • Live Painter:Vieux Carre
  • Stationery:GEMS

Studio Tran Photography

How did you meet?
We meet in 7th grade.

Where was your ceremony held and why did you pick this site?
Our Lady of Prompt Succor Church

Where was your Reception held and why did you pick this site?
The Balcony Ballroom

What unique or special things did you do at the reception? (for example, ice sculptures, live painter, glow sticks, sun glasses, 2nd line band, mardi gras indians, memory table, the list goes on of fun things you may have done)
Live painter

Did it really go by as quickly as everyone says?

Who was your baker, what was the flavor of your cake? Was it delicious?!

Anything else you want to say?
Beebe was the best! Everything was perfect!