Matt & Mary

From Our Bride
How They met:
We can’t remember the first time we met. It was sometime in the fall of 2002, when I was freshman at the University of Maryland and Matthew was in his first year out of college. We met through the Catholic Student Center at Maryland. We were acquaintances for four years and both dated other people before Matthew asked me out in December 2006. A year later, we were engaged.

The Photographer
Having studied journalism and worked as a journalist for several years, I was privileged to work closely with many talented photojournalists. I knew that was the style I wanted for my wedding photos. Beebe was recommended by our reception site, Vintage Court, and from the website of the Wedding Photojournalists Association. He was so fun to work with! Everyone commented how efficiently and professionally he conducted himself throughout the big day and the photos are stunning!

Thoughts about the day
It was flawless. Really, everything flowed perfectly and beautifully – we were even ahead of schedule! We are very blessed that so many family and friends traveled from out of town to celebrate with us.

Matt waiting for Mary.

All their friends that traveled from Maryland!

  • Your work is fantastic! I love every one of these! And the processing is out of this world!

  • Wallace Schneidau said:

    Beautiful pictures, and not just the posed shots! I loved the candid photos and the ones that caught aspects of the wedding experience.

  • Susan Berman said:

    What a beautiful wedding; and the photographs capture it wonderfully! Great job! It has almost a throw back to the 1950's vibe all around and I just love it!

  • Fr. Gareth A. Jones said:

    Viewing these pictures brought back many happy memories of a most beautiful day. I look forward to seeing more of them as they made Fr. Bill and me look magnificent even after the humidity, the dancing and age had taken their toll! God Bless Matt and Mary!

  • Cindy & Billy Ladd said:

    Thanks so much for sharing the video. The pictures are wonderful and captured the spirit of the day. We are so disappointed we were unable to attend the wedding. Looking at the video I almost felt we were there.

  • Connie Neuman said:

    I feel as if I was actually there! What a great wedding! I had a great time just now. A Louisiana-sized outpouring of blessings on Mary and Matt
    -- pressed down, shaken together, overflowing!