Labeling Images

1. Login using your email address.  You will need to enter the email address we have on file and that you got the labeling instructions email sent too.
I will use my email address as an example.  Then enter the gallery password.


2.  you will be prompted for your admin access code.

Only you will be prompted for this code when you sign in using the email address we have on file.

If you are not prompted for an admin access code please contact us to make sure we have your correct and most current email address on file.lable-2

3.  Now that you have logged in you will see all your images in tile format. Click on any image (we recommend the first image in the upper left hand corner) to start viewing and labeling your images.


4. Now you will see at the bottom of the large image displayed a link for the option to label.  You will also see the favorite and download.  Click on label when you come to an image you want to select for a photography product.label

5. The Label Photo menu will now appear and listed will be the items in your collection.  The example below may differ from what you see depending on your collection.


6. Now you can label this image.  If you want to label a image to be included in more then one album simply check off as many labels as you want to apply.  Then click done.

Continue viewing your images and labeling the ones you want.


7.  when you are finished labeling your images or if you want to review your labeled images click on the “back to gallery” link in the upper left hand corner


8. At the top in the gray menu area you will see the link to favorites.  Click Favorites


9. At the next screen you will see the favorites and the link next to that is labels. Click Labeled


10. Now you will see your labels and what images have been selected for those.   Also listed will be how many photos you selected.


11.  To edit your photos click on one of the items.  I will click on the 150 img flush album.  There are 2 photos labeled here.  To be completed we need 150 images.

You will see the 2 photos that have been labeled for this album.


12.  To remove an image from this label click on the image you do not want. This image will be brought up in a larger window.  At the bottom you will see which labels have been applied.

Click on label.  Your label options will appear and you can remove the label you no longer want.

13. When you are all done labeling the images for your albums/books/prints please email [email protected] to let us know.

We won’t know you are finished until you email us to let us know.

We will not fulfill any orders until we have heard from you as we will have no way of knowing if you are finished making changes.  For example, just because you have selected all 200 of your 200 4×6 proof book does not mean we will know to fill this order.  We will assume you are still making changes and it is not the “final 200” until we hear from you.  This way we do not print 200 images if you wanted to change some out or were not done deciding on your images.