Happy Birth Day Adalynn

What a blessing it is to be invited to capture a birth.  I had Lori on the books for quite awhile.  Her doctor even joked that she planned the birth around her availability and mine.  Talk about making a girl feel special!  Being I am primarily a wedding photographer makes it very difficult for me to take on birth photography.  I get several inquiries a week about birth photography but I can’t commit.  Thankfully Baby Adalynn waited for her scheduled birth date!

I photographed Matthew & Lori’s wedding in November of 2014.  I can’t believe under two years ago these two were walking hand and hand under the oaks at the Audubon Zoo getting ready to say their vows.  Thank you Bischoff family for inviting me into your life to take part of two of the most memorable moments.


lori_barb_001 lori_barb_002 lori_barb_003 lori_barb_004 lori_barb_005 lori_barb_006 lori_barb_007 lori_barb_008 lori_barb_009 lori_barb_010 lori_barb_011 lori_barb_012 lori_barb_013