Freddie + Mandy Surprise Wedding

Several months ago a plan was put into action and Mandy called to see if we were available to photograph her “surprise” wedding to Freddie. I didn’t know all the details or how it was going to happen, but I was excited and honored that she thought of me. Over the years we’ve become friends as well as colleagues in this crazy but fun wedding vendor industry. Months went by after our initial conversation and I still know the details and no engagement had been announced or anything. I just kept thinking, how is she going to pull this off! But pull it off she did with the help of the lovely ladies and wonderful staff at Wink. It was romantic and fun, emotional and beautiful, just like Mandy & Freddie. Congratulations to you both!

Mandy & Freddie announcing to the kids that today is more then just a party for MaeMe, that it is really their wedding day but they have to keep it a secret.

So shhh!!! Keep those lips sealed! Its a secret for a few more hours!

  • Sarah Kate said:

    Great pictures! This wedding looked like a blast! Question: Who was the live painter? The final painting is to die for!