Cris & Jered | Omni Royal Orleans Wedding

  • Married:August 20, 2016
  • Bridal Prep Location:Omni Royal Orleans
  • Ceremony:St. Louis Cathedral
  • Reception:Omni Royal Orleans
  • Entertainment:The Boogie Men
  • Videography:Tim McAskill
  • Florist:Bella Blooms
  • Bakery:La Louisianne
  • Hair:Amira Simpson
  • Makeup:Olga Longoria
  • Coordinator:Audi Brown (Occasions by Audi)
  • The Bride Wore:Martina Liana
  • The Bridesmaids wore:Love Lane
  • Bridal Boutique:Town and Country
  • Tuxedos:Men's Wearhouse
  • 2nd Line Band:Storyville Jazz Band
  • Stationary:The Keeping Room

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