New Orleans St Louis Cathedral Omni Royal Orleans Wedding: Ricky + Trisha Married

I had the pleasure of photographing Ricky & Trisha’s wedding. It was really a blast! They were married at the beautiful St. Louis Cathedral and then the reception followed at the Omni. Following the ceremony was a great 2nd line to the hotel. We worked with Kelly & Chad Dyleand that was fun as always!

My previous couple, so cute!

How they met
We really met through fate…however, we were introduced through mutual friends. ๐Ÿ™‚ My good friend Carly (my Matron of Honor) is married to one of Ricky’s friends, from New Orleans. He ended up moving to Las Vegas (where I’m from), and eventually worked in real estate. After working in advertising with Carly for a few years, I wound up working with Mike. He was doing some work with a few homes that were affected by Hurricane Katrina. I came to New Orleans with them to visit their family, and one of our first nights here, we wound up going to dinner with a group of their friends. Ricky was one of them, and from that moment…we were inseperable. After I went back to Vegas a few weeks later, we tried doing the long distance thing; but we could only take it for about 8 months. I moved everything across the country, and 6 months later we were engaged!

Why The St. Louis Cathedral
We decided to get married at the Cathedral because it is such a beautiful church, and it was also a perfect choice for all of our friends and family (especially those coming in from out of town) to see the perfect New Orleans wedding…Second Line and all!

Why Studio Tran
There was no question as to who we would ask to be our photographers for the most special day in our lives. I was there while Beebe took my sister-in-law’s bridal portraits, and then Corine was at the wedding. I have been blown away by both of you and your incredible work ever since. I love to look at all of your blogs…your pictures are always breathtaking, and make me smile! We feel honored that yall captured all of our memories from our wedding day! Thank you!

Thoughts about the Day!
You know, we were both extremely concerned as far as our wedding day actually working out (with Hurricane Gustav first, and then Ike), but we were blessed beyond belief when Ike turned far enough away from us, that all we had on our wedding day was a breeze (which was nice for everyone second lining!) We both tried our hardest to savor every single second of our wedding and reception, and even though we are sad that it’s all over; we are so happy to be married, and start this next part of our lives together! Thank yall so much for going through all of this with us ๐Ÿ™‚ We are forever greatful!

  • Corine said:

    Thanks for letting me and my "team" capture your wedding day.

  • Mom and Dad Lunt said:

    Dear Corine, Beebe, and Your Team: We can't truly begin to explain in words how beautifully you captured our "baby girl and our wonderful second son's" wedding day in photographs. As we look through each picture the moments come back one by one and bring laughter, tears, and incredibly happy memories. Thank you so much for your professionalism, kindness, and unbelievable gift and talent. We'll forever and always be grateful that "ya'll" were there on Trish and Ricky's special day!

  • Ricky and Trish Lore said:

    Oh my gosh...these pictures are so incredible, and the video is amazing! I cry watching it (over and over again)! Thank you for all of your work to capture our special day for us. We can't wait to see the rest :) We will be able to look back at these pictures for the rest of our lives, and remember how beautiful that day was. Thank you!!!

  • Kelly Davis said:

    Yall have got to be the hardest working photographers in Louisiana! These pictures were up so fast and they look incredible! I had fun working with yall!!

  • Nikki said:

    Trish and Ricky, thank you for allowing me to add to your special day. The pictures are beautiful, and I love the ones of you guys playing with my "crystal football" from the grooms cake! Fantastic!

  • Annie said:

    Wow. These are simply fantastic!

    I especially love the one of the whole wedding party in the front of the church with the ceiling in the shot! Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  • JoJo said:

    My goodness what a beautiful pair you make. My heart was with you on your special day. I am thrilled that I got to see some of your special moments. I know that you have a wonderful life ahead of you, all my love.

  • "Momma Jan" said:

    I can't stop crying tears of happiness! The photos captured of my babies special day were stunning. Corine and Beebe, you guys are blessed with each other and blessed to have such talent, however, it's not hard to work with those Lore kids!

  • Jess John said:

    My goodness, what talented photographers, and what beautiful people to photograph! Trisha, you look amazing; you are so stunningly beautiful, and your flowers, makeup, dress and hair just add to how pretty you are naturally. Wow, I canโ€™t get over how great these pictures are.