Ritz-Carlton Canal St New Orleans Wedding: Jenna + Dax

a past couple of mine, Ryan & Sarah
Another couple, Trish & Ricky, check out their wedding!
Me and my brides, Trish and Sarah. Wish we had Jenna in here!
Another couple of mine, Lacey & Gerard

One of my absolute favorite pictures

How we met?
Dax and I met through mutual friends in highschool. We started dating my junior year in highschool and the rest is history. We have been together ever since.

the proposal?
Dax proposed to me on the night before halloween. I came home from work and my entire house was lit up by candlelight. He tied a big red bow around my little teacup yorkie (Ella) and in the middle of the bow was the ring. Ella ran to the door jumping up and down to greet me like she always does and all I could see was something shiny swinging around her neck. I looked down and Dax was on his knee and of course I said yes!

Why Studio Tran
Corine and Beebe had photographed a few of my friends weddings and I was very impressed. I love a more candid approach to photography and I knew I would get just that with studio tran. All of Corine and Beebe’s photographs really seem to capture the smallest details and emotional aspects of the moment. Corine and Beebe are truly the most laid back and sweetest people to work with. You guys are wonderful and your work is truly amazing.

Wedding Day Thoughts
My wedding day was slighlty nerve racking! I was so afraid all the last minute details would not fall into place and was praying for decent weather, since our wedding was outside. Everything worked out and after the ceremony it felt like a 100Lb weight was lifted off my shoulders. We loved our wedding!! We were surronded with loved ones and everyone had a blast

  • stephanie said:

    what a gorgeous location and stunning bride! I do agree that the dancing shot is one of my all time faves! great capture!

  • Jenna & Dax said:

    Corine, we can not thank you enough for photographing our special day for us. These pictures are amazing!!!

  • Cindy said:

    Where was the location of the wedding? Its gorgeous!!

  • Freakin Beautiful! These pictures are just wonderful.

  • Dayna said:

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful. I love the dog, I love the ceremony shots, love the hat!! Great pictures as usual.

  • Colin said:

    OMG! Dax is so cute!

  • Corine Tran said:

    The wedding was at the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans

  • Kristi said:

    This is the most beautiful cake I have ever seen! Where is it from??

  • Nicole Wilson said:

    Jenna's dress is absolutely beautiful!!!! Where did she get her dress?