Help with Favorites

1. Create an account.

We want this to be an easy, enjoyable and simple process.   We have tried to break down the steps below.  Please follow the below steps in order.  We have two video tutorials below for people who prefer a visual over reading instructions.  I know the below looks like  A LOT of information, but it really is not.  We’ve tried to break it down and cover everything multiple times so nothing is confusing.  I apologize if the instructions are repetitive.

We ask that you create an account.  This will enable you to save your favorites  for the future.  Anyone can register for the wedding gallery and start making favorites.  But only people who create an account will be able to save those favorites long term.  So the first thing we would like you to do is create an account.

Creating an account is easy to do.  Simply start by clicking the below link.  The screen that appears will look like the below picture.  If you already have an account you can enter your email address and password on the left side.  To create an account put  your name, email address and password of your choice.  Please remember the email address and password you use to create your account.  We will not know your password for security reasons.  If you forget your password you can click on the “Forgot your password” link to reset your password.  Again, we will not have your password or access to your account.

Click here to create an account:

It is important to create an account so you can save your favorites for later.  You can mark favorites without creating an account but again we DO NOT recommend doing this.  When you mark favorites without creating an account your favorites will only be stored for 30 days on the computer you used.  If your cache/cookies or browser history get deleted you could lose all your favorited selections.  We can’t help you with favorites that are marked when you do not have an account.  So please do the following:

1. Create an account

When you click on the above link it will bring you to a page that looks like the

below where you can either sign in to your account or you can create an account.  
You can also reset your password.


 Great, now you have an account!  You are one step closer to selecting your favorites and getting your prints/albums.
Once you are signed in you will see your name on the upper right hand corner.  On the upper left hand corner you will see Favorites.  See the below image for reference.

Where it says “Welcome, corine tran” it should say “Welcome, your name”

On the upper left hand corner there will be a heart and it will say Favorites: My Selection (0)
Right now it says 0 because you have not made any selections for favorites yet.




2. Register for the wedding gallery you wish to make selections for.  Not EVERY Gallery is password protected.  If you were not given a password for your gallery then all you need to do is enter your name & email address.

We emailed you a link and gallery password/access code.  Now that you are logged in to your account, go back to the email we sent to you with this link and password.  Click on the link in that email.  Or you can click on this link
The gallery ID and gallery password are the same.  This password was emailed to you with the link to the gallery.  You will need to check your email for that information as it is different for each client.

If you do not have this link & password please ask the bride & groom for the link and password. If you are the bride/groom and can’t find your email containing this information you can email [email protected] and we will send it to you again.

When you click on the link in the email we sent to you, you will see the below “Please register to view the photos”

You might be thinking, “didn’t I already do this?”  No, you created an account.  We see where this might be confusing and we’ve had some people have a little trouble with this part.  You create an account so that you can save your favorites to send in.  Not everyone needs to do that, so everyone else who wants to only view the wedding gallery will just  need to register by entering their name, email address and the gallery password provided by us.

So on the screen that you see similar to the below, enter your name, email address and the gallery password.

PLEASE REMEMBER your login to access your account is not the same as the gallery password. The only way they would be the same is if when creating your account you make your password the same.  Remember, the password for the account you create will be a password YOU pick.  We will not know your chosen password.  The password to access the gallery will be something generated by Studio Tran and will be emailed to the bride & groom.  The bride & groom may share their gallery with anyone they want.  For privacy we set a password so only people the bride & groom give the password to can access their gallery.

Below is an image of what you will see when you go to register for the gallery.
You may or may not need to enter the gallery password.
If it does not ask you for the gallery password then simply hit continue after putting your name & email address.


Now you will be logged in AND registered.  Woo hoo!  Now you can start browsing the gallery images, selecting the ones you want as favorites and then submit them to us!

But DON’T rush ahead just yet!  We encourage you to read the below instructions to learn how to mark your favorites in the manner we recommend.  There are several ways to mark favorites but the way we suggest is below.

3. Make your selections by marking images as favorites.

When you first enter the gallery it will look similar to the below in layout.  You will see lots of images as thumbnails in a masonry tile layout.  We recommend clicking on the FIRST picture in the gallery to open that image larger. It is easier to view each image individually (one at a time) and seeing them larger will help you determine if you want that picture.


Click on the first picture in the upper left hand corner as illustrated above with the red circle drawn around it.  When you click on this first picture it will open that first picture larger.  You will know you are starting with file number 1.

Locate the arrow keys on your keyboard. You will use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to go forward and backward.

If you do not have arrow keys on your keyboard, I recommend buying a new and updated keyboard.  Just Kidding haha! … kind of…. do they even make keyboards without arrow keys these days?

Don’t worry, if you don’t have arrow keys on your keyboard you can still go forward by click on the arrow button on the right side of the screen as illustrated below.  You will see this on the right of your screen.


Use the “F” key on your keyboard to mark the images as a favorite.  Basically every time you see an image you want to mark as a favorite, hit the F key.

Did you accidentally hit F and favorite a picture you DONT  want?  Simple, just click the F key again to un-favorite that image.  You can also click on the heart to favorite an image as illustrated below.

As you favorite your images you will see the count increase in the upper left hand corner as shown illustrated below.  When an image is favorited there will be a red heart on that image.

See below, there is a heart then it says Favorites: My Selections (8) because I have favorited 8 pictures.  The number here will increase for you as you mark favorites.


Once you are finished marking your favorites you will want to click on the words “My Selection” in the upper left hand corner.  I’ve drawn a big red circle around it.



Or you may see something like the below if you have made different sets of favorites to send in.


All finished and ready to send in?
Once you click on that you will see “Share Favorites” on the right upper corner.  I have drawn a red circle to show you where you will see this.


On the next screen you will share to photographer. Write any notes you have.




We will not fill your order until you have “Shared to photographer” which sends your final selections to us.
Please do not forget this step.

Below is not one, but two video’s to further help you in marking your favorites.
Please view one of the two video’s below to learn how to mark favorites.

Video ONE:


Video TWO: