Please arrive on time.

Since we schedule multiple sessions a day, please be considerate of your session start time. Unfortunately if you arrive late and we have another session scheduled after yours, your session time may be cut short. If you are having your hair & makeup done for the session, please schedule this so that you still have time to go home, dress and arrive on time. If your session is scheduled to start at 3pm and you arrive at 3pm to start getting dressed, then your session will still end on time even though we started late due to dressing. All sessions are 1 hour in length unless otherwise discussed. We want you to have fun and we definitely don’t want you to be rushing or stressed when you arrive. Some locations provide a room to get dressed. If you are dressing at the portrait location we recommend arriving 30 minutes before your session to get ready.

Also If you have to purchase a permit or pay a fee on the day of your session please make sure to do that before the start of your session. If your session is scheduled to start at 3:30 and you arrive at 3:30 but still need to take care of the permit/fee or get dressed, this will cut into your session time.