Be aware of the time of year you are planning your session.

We have some crazy hot and humid weather here in the Big Easy. You might walk out of your house with lush curls but once your hair hits that humid air you are left looking like the Honey Badger tried to curl your hair with a hand mixer. You know yourself better than anyone. If your hair wont last in the humidity or your fiance sweats easily, then we recommend scheduling during the cooler months. That’s not to say we can’t have random crazy hot days in the middle of December.

We also understand that not everyone can schedule during cooler months. If your wedding is in September but your dress wasn’t altered and ready until June, that basically leaves July and August to schedule your bridals. It’s going to be hot and humid. We’ll work quickly to not have you in the heat too long, but you still might sweat. We suggest bringing ice water and also mentally preparing for the heat. Or we recommend waiting to do the bridal session until AFTER the wedding and do it during cooler months. This is what we would call a post session and your then husband could come along as well. We could get some really fun and unique pictures of the two of you together.